Vastu Tips For Overall Success

1. Let Money Flow Quickly
Place a pair of Red Horses in the South-East Zone facing the North.

2. Manifest your dream home, buy your own home or work space, get your rightful share of ancestral property.
Hang a painting of a village scene in a black frame on the wall in the West-South-West Zone of your home.

3. Grab Government Contracts
Keep Ashoka Pillar in the North-West Zone of your home /office.

4. Get quick relief from diseases.
Place your medicine box in NNE zone.

5. Protect your business
Keep Nandi Bull in the South-West Zone of your building.

6. Quit Smoking
Get rid of Cigarette by keeping its pack in South-South-West of your home.

7. Flow of Income
A brass Kuber placed in the North of your house will increase your flow of income.

8. Books and study table kept in the East-South-East Zone is wrong. It should be kept in the West-South-West Zone.

9. Do you know that locations of stairs can have an impact on your life?
Stairs should always come down from West to East and from South to North.

10. Improve mental clarity, remove crystals from North-East (NE) Zone.

11. Gain power in Politics.
Set up a Chess board (along with its various pieces) in the West Zone of your home to achieve success in Political Campaigns.

12. Are bad dreams haunting you?
Stop bad dreams by removing electric wires from South Vastu Zone.

13. To get good sleep, remove mirror from South Vastu zone.

14. Boost Your Cash Flow!
Keep Pink/Red flowers in a green vase in your home’s South-East zone.

15. Show your back to headache attack!
Remove Washing Machine from NE zone.

16. Generate new opportunities with a Wind Chime in North Vastu Zone.

17. For quick recovery of health, shift your bedroom to North-North-East Zone.

18. Enhance family bonds, keep family photographs in South-West Zone.

19. Focus on studies.
Place your books in the West South-West Zone of your house to improve concentration.

20. Avoid storing useless and junk articles in the West Zone, as it will adversely affect your savings and overall gains in life.

21. Clean the North-East zone of Red, Orange and dark Yellow colours to improve the positive effects and conceive new ideas.

22. Prolonged use of kitchen in the East-South-East Zone leads to health problems like blood pressure and diabetes.

23. Keeping a bunch of fresh flowers in a green vase in the East of North-East zone, the zone of recreation and fun will bring more fun and happiness in your life.

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