Vastu For Hospital

Vastu is certainly experiencing its dominance in the hospitality industry. It has become an increasing trend to follow while constructing and establishing a health care unit. It is strongly believed that a hospital that is established with comprehensive Vastu is sure to rise with increased number of recovering patients and successful operations. This is mainly because all who come to the hospital have high hopes to get relief from their respective ailments and health conditions. Everyone approach doctors in hours of ill health with an earnest desire that health revives to its original form even during the worst conditions. This hope and desire lives only when the environment is invigorating and filled with positive energy. Vastu helps enhance the flow and power of positive vibes in the interior of the hospital as well as the surrounding.

When planning to open a new hospital it is very important to study certain factors to ensure that the construction of the hospital building goes in compliance to the Vastu principles. Some of the most important factors to study are hospital location, placement of beds, location of emergency ward, and direction of operation theatres.

Vastu Acharya Oum Prakash undertakes a complete analysis and assessment of the hospital including an understanding of the decor and placement of items within the hospital. Following this, Acharya Ji makes changes and advises you on how to modify the hospital to overcome your problems to gain wealth, success and to enable fulfillment of your goals.

For Vastu Consultation For Your Hospital Please Provide Us With:

  • Floor Plan of Your¬†Hospital
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • List of All Your Desires And Future Goals
  • List of All The Problems That You Are Facing

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