Professional Vastu Analysis

Our Vastu Acharya will undertake a complete analysis and assessment of your floor plan with detailed evaluation of more than 120 points on your property which affect every aspect of your life like money, growth, career, business, gains, health, family, harmony, children’s education etc., including an understanding of the decor and placement of items within the home of workplace. Following this, our Vastu expert advises you on how to modify your home or workplace to overcome your problems and to enable fulfillment of your goals.

• For Homes: We will study, check and record the influence of adjoining buildings, roads, building height, back lane, slopes, lights, water borings of neighbours, and many more factors located outside and inside your building.

• For Offices: We check and records the influence of common entrance of the commercial Mall (if your workplace is located in a Mall), common corridor, escalator, adjoining buildings, roads, elevation, building height, and many more factors located outside and inside your workplace boundaries.

• For Factories: We will check for development of invisible earth energy patterns and energy-fields with the help of advanced tools and techniques of Vastu. They will also check and record the influence of adjoining buildings, roads and many other factors located outside and inside your factory. Also a study of the layout of machine and production flow is undertaken.

We prepare and give you the Vastu report with suggestions of the most effective Vastu Solutions and Remedies to achieve the desired results for you.

Vastu Floor Plan Designing

Tailor made floor plans for a Vastu perfect home and business. Designed and planned by our Vastu Expert which ensures Money, Gains, Happiness and Success in life.

If you are going to construct a new home or office or factory, it is always advisable to ensure Vastu compliance in the structure right from the beginning to get the best results and avoid any structural changes later.

When you opt for a Vastu Perfect New Design, your requirements for the new design are noted in detail along with necessary details about your occupation and targets that you wish to achieve in your new building. Accordingly, the design is prepared for you to help you achieve success in your efforts. You can also send us a proposed plan by your Architects so that our Vastu Consultant can add suggestions to it.

For Vastu Analysis Of Your Property Please Provide Us With:

• Floor Plan of Your Property
• Full Name
• Date of Birth
• Time of Birth
• Place of Birth
• List of All Your Desires And Future Goals
• List of All The Problems That You Are Facing