Acharya Oum Prakash

Vastu Consultant in Australia

Acharya Oum Prakash was born in the holy city of Mathura (Sri Krishna Janma Bhoomi). He has the sense of prediction from a very early age which he developed through meditation, sadhna and through studies of various Vedic scriptures.

He is an expert in Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry. He performs Vedic Pujas, Havans, and Katha’s on various occasions. He provides Vastu visits and consultation for home and business. He is an expert in Programing Buildings and Sub Conscious Minds through the knowledge of Vastu Shastra and Astrology. When Astrology and Vastu are combined and applied, it becomes Astro-Vastu and helps one in having own favorable personal space for overall success and growth.

About Vastu Australia

Vastu Australia
We provide powerful techniques to get solutions without any demolitions or structural changes in the building. Vastu Australia helps you pinpoint solutions to specific issues, whether they are related to career, finance, new home, relationships, kids or your overall well-being. It is a purer, simpler yet more powerful system for understanding the influences of a building on human behaviour. Our Vastu Programming ensures Money, Happiness, Gains, and Success while maintaining modern life style and contemporary architecture.

Professional Vastu Expert

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“Best vastu ever detailed prediction and 100% accurate. Acharya ji help me grow faster and also guides me towards a healthy and happy life. Highly recommended because pandit ji is a nicest person i have ever met personally and professionally both. Keep up the good work and give us your blessings. thank you”

Kumars Restaurants
Restaurant Owner, Adelaide, SA

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